A photograph. A frozen moment in time. A passion for photography is captured in every frame by Abigail Diane. Growing up in the historic city of London and starting with black and white film, her innate instinct captivated many as evidenced by her first sale at a young age. Drawing from her passion, photography empowers her to uniquely compose her subject matter with the optimum focal point that brings her craft to life.

In the past ten years, Abigail has been capturing nature with her trusted Nikon. Her images inspire all of us to see the surrounding beauty that is our world. You can experience the tranquility of a pond, almost hear the buzz of a bee on a flower, and smell that salty sea air as the waves crash into the rocky shore.

Today she resides in Southern California where the sun is shining all day long. Come and join Abigail on her journey. Let her art bring the world inside of your home or office.

Nature evokes a sense of calmness; an atmosphere of relaxation; and a consciousness of being in that moment.