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capturing the world through my camera

A photograph. A frozen moment in time. Abigail Diane has a passion for nature that is captured in her images. Now, she is making them available for you to enjoy in your home or office.

Since the age of fourteen, Abigail Diane has been capturing her world from behind the lens of a camera. Photography empowers her to uniquely compose her subject matter with the optimum focal point that brings her craft to life, drawing from her passion.

"Nature evokes a sense of calmness; an atmosphere of relaxation; and a consciousness of being in that moment."

Abigail Diane
Abigail Diane
Sumatran tiger Portrait from the Wild Animal Park in San Diego Southern California. Did you know that all tigers have their own unique strip pattern.

Soaring Above the Clouds

As day turns to night in Laguna Beach, the mystical array of color creates a spectacular phenomenon.

English Elegance

This isn't your average nature walk! It's a journey into the heart of fairy tales and wonder.

Bloomimg Flowers

Step into a beautiful garden overflowing with all sorts of flowers and plants at your fingertips. Enjoy the butterflies and bees!
Enjoy historical landmarks, clean lines, and other architectural features from around the world. Medieval castles included! These stunning buildings, some old and some new, will appeal to the architect in you!

Her images inspire all of us to see the surrounding beauty that is our world. You can experience the tranquility of a pond, almost hear the buzz of a bee on a flower, and smell that salty sea air as the waves crash into the rocky shore.

Mystic Seascapes

Some sights are so stunning they stop you in your tracks. Wonder at the mysteries and secrets beneath the deep waters of the ocean as you stare out at the never ending waves. Let these seascapes bring a sense of calm to your home as you enjoy the images of coastal California.

Whimsical California Sunsets

Electric sizzle sunset at the beach. You can feel the energy wane as the sun gracefully dips below the horizon

Autumn Harvest

Deliciously, round, fruity and heartwarming, grenache can be truly majestic when done well. Its likeability comes largely from its full body and sensation of sweetness

Exploring American Landscapes

Abigail has just begun capturing the beauty of these United States. Through her eyes, you can enjoy the Southern California landscapes, visit Arizona, explore Yosemite National Park and the Eastern Sierra Mountains. Let your eyes marvel at Colorful Colorado.

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Sometimes I write about the places I’ve been, other times I publish tips and techniques that have helped me improve as a photographer.

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